Bio                                                                                                                 Resume

Game Developer - Senior/Lead Technical Artist Artist - Indie Lead Developer - UE4/UE3 Consultant


12+ Years of UE4 + UE3 Experience

Experience using all aspects of UE4 and UE3 to create both AAA and Indie titles. I've served as a Senior/Lead Technical artist specializing in performance / optimization, shader creation, blueprints, data analysis, pipeline design and other production improvements.

10+ Years of Industry Experience

I've spent 10+ years as a Sr./Lead Technical Artist, Level Designer & Sr. Environment Artist at Tripwire Interactive & Hi-Rez Studios.

Shipped Titles: Maneater, Espire 1 VR (consulted), Killing Floor 2, SMITE, Global Agenda, Tribes: Ascend, Paladins.

11+ Years of Full 3D Pipeline Experience

Experience using software necessary for 3D Art: 3ds Max/Maya, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Houdini, Photoshop, Topogun and others. Various employed pipelines ranging from low->medium->high poly pipelines to high poly->re-topo->low poly pipelines. Experience with a variety of texturing methods and styles.

7+ Years of Technical Art Experience

7+ Total years working with pipeline development, performance, optimization, data analysis, UE4 blutility tools, PIX/graphics profiling, CPU profiling, Powershell tools & GoogleScript spreadsheet data analysis/automation.

11+ Years of Creative/Art Direction & Leadership Experience

Experience from 2008-2010, 2013-Present as the above leadership roles on UE4 Title Hanako: Honor & Blade. Responsibilities include: overall artistic direction, creative direction and game design, project management, pipeline development, time management/scheduling, overall team management/staffing, technical art/performance, UI development and gameplay blueprints.

10+ Years of Mentoring

Spent most my professional career also mentoring students and industry hopefuls both directly and indirectly through tutorials, workshops, panels, talks and live streams. Cultivating growth is always a goal.

Education & Work History


Novemer 2017-Present
Sr. Technical Artist | Tripwire Interactive, Roswell, GA

Responsible for performance, master shader creation, data analysis, triaging/tasking of performance work and managing one direct report as well as providing consulting on performance/workflows for 1-3 publishing projects at a time. Served this role from start-to-finish on Maneater running as point for performance on all threads (GPU/CPU) and tasking all departments with performance work for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

March 2010-November 2017
Senior Artist, Technical Artist | Hi-Rez Studios, Alpharetta, GA

Responsible for creating environment assets from start-to-finish. I spent 1 year at the Junior level, 2 years at Mid-Level before becoming a Senior Artist in September 2013.

2008-2010, 2013-Present
Co-Founder, Lead Developer | +Mpact Games, Woodstock, GA

In charge of overall creative/artistic direction for Hanako: Honor & Blade and managing the project and Indie studio, +Mpact Games 

Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA

Earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interactive Design and Game Development.



Best Multiplayer Editor's Choice - IndieDb

Received this award from IndieDb's Editor's Choice awards for Best Multiplayer for our Early Access title Hanako: Honor & Blade.

Best Environment Art - Hanako

Received this award for having the best environment art at the SCAD GDX Entelechy show, which features student work from all SCAD campuses.

Gold Medalist - Junior Olympics

Competed in the Jr. Olympics in '06 and earned a Gold Medal in forms for Tae Kwon Do.

Career Highlights

SMITE Arena Mode

  • Served as Senior/Lead Technical Artist for multiplatform release of Maneater (Xbox One, PS4, PC; Switch port afterwards for 6 months).
  • Recipient of Epic MegaGrant for Indie Project Hanako: Honor & Blade in October 2020.
  • Original Designer/Creator of Arena Mode for SMITE
  • Responsible for all tower objectives in SMITE, start-to-finish (as of July 2014)

My Mission

Create and master game art at the highest level. Eventually, be a respected and effective leader that delivers results and develops my team to higher levels. Beyond that, I aspire to create games that can catalyze positive energy, growth and inspiration in my viewers to make wholesome, productive decisions in their own lives.

Random Tidbits

I practiced Wing Chun (style of kung fu) at a serious, private academy that teaches the way it was taught in the old days. I love metal/heavy music and go to a lot of shows. Music runs in the family, singing is my favorite thing to do during downtime. Also, a huge food snob, especially for Thai food.