Bio                                                                                                                 Resume


Game Developer - Senior 3D Artist - Indie Creative/Art Director - UDK/UE4 Consultant

Professionally, I have been in the industry with Hi-Rez Studios since March 2010. Employment there began hourly during my final college semester at SCAD-Atlanta (Interactive Design and Game Development, B.F.A). Over the course of the three-and-a-half years, through artistic growth, hard-work and creative problem solving I was able to earn the Senior 3D Artist title many years ahead of schedule back in 2013. With Hi-Rez, I have three shipped titles: Global Agenda, Tribes: Ascend and SMITE. A majority of my employment has been working with SMITE, previously being responsible for all tower objectives across all game-modes (modelling, texturing, destruction, effects, database implementation). This one-man process was designed by myself, in coordination with some rigging artists to allow the character team to stay focused on new God releases, and reduce bottlenecks.

Additionally, the highlight of my career was designing and prototyping the Arena gamemode for SMITE on my own accord. Following a successful pitch to upper management, my prototype was tested company-wide, along with some professional players visiting and was unanimously well-received. It got put on a quick crunch and we shipped the first version live two weeks later. The initial idea was designed to lower the barrier-of-entry to the game, and provide players a quick, casual way to get to the action and experiment with our game mechanics without the heavy structure of Conquest (traditional 3-lane MOBA gamemode).

Personally, I've designed games pretty much my entire life. Since a young age, I started by modifying board games to make them more fun for my friends (looking back they were full ARGs or LARPs). At the age of 14, after being massively inspired by Yu Suzuki's Shenmue 2, I learned Quake 3's Radiant Editor and started designing RP-inspired levels for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy. During my SCAD tenure, I started an indie project titled Hanako - Soul of the Samurai in 2008 following the death of my mother. The project is dedicated to her memory and the hope is to spread positive growth and inspiration much how I was impacted by Shenmue 2 as well as raise charity funds for non-oncologic cancer treatments.

Presently, I continue to run my Indie operation, +Mpact Games after-work hours at home with a remote team of a dozen individuals to finish Hanako - Soul of the Samurai (hanakogame.com). My responsibilities for this project involve creative & art direction, environment art, project management and co-leading game design. (Yes I am crazy).


9+ Years of UDK + UE4 Experience

Experience using all aspects of UDK and UE4 to create both Triple-A and Indie titles. I've served as a Technical artist specializing in performance/optimization, data analysis, pipeline design and other production improvements.

7+ Years of Industry Experience

I've spent 7+ years as a Technical Artist, Level Deisgner & Sr. Environment Artist at Hi-Rez Studios, shipping SMITE, Global Agenda, Tribes: Ascend, Paladins and others. The last year plus of employment has been as a Technical Artist.

8+ Years of Full 3D Pipeline Experience

Experience using software necessary for 3D Art: 3ds Max, Zbrush, Topogun, Crazybump, and Photoshop. Various employed pipelines ranging from low->medium->high poly pipelines to high poly->re-topo->low poly pipelines. Experience with a variety of texturing methods and styles.

5+ Years of Technical Art Experience

5+ Total years working with pipeline development, performance, optimization, data analysis, Powershell tools & GoogleScript spreadsheet data analysis/automation.

8+ Years of Creative/Art Direction & Leadership Experience

Experience from 2008-2010, 2013-Present as the above leadership roles on UE4 (Originally UDK) Title Hanako - Soul of the Samurai. Responsibilities include: overall artistic direction, creative direction and game design, project management, pipeline development, time management/scheduling, overall team management/staffing.

7+ Years of Mentoring

Spent most my professional career also mentoring students and industry hopefuls both directly and indirectly through tutorials, workshops, panels, talks and live streams. Cultivating growth is always a goal.

Education & Work History

Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA

Earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interactive Design and Game Development.

2008-2010, 2013-Present
Co-Founder, Creative/Art Director | +Mpact Games, Duluth, GA

In charge of overall creative/artistic direction for Hanako - Soul of the Samurai and managing the project and Indie studio, +Mpact Games 

March 2010-Present
Senior Artist, Technical Artist | Hi-Rez Studios, Alpharetta, GA

Responsible for creating environment assets from start-to-finish. I spent 1 year at the Junior level, 2 years at Mid-Level before becoming a Senior Artist in September 2013.


Best Environment Art - Hanako

Received this award for having the best environment art at the SCAD GDX Entelechy show, which features student work from all SCAD campuses.

Best Level Design - Tribal

Award received from the 2009 SCAD GDX Entelechy student show. I was responsible for all level scripting in UDK (Kismet) on this project.

Gold Medalist - Junior Olympics

Competed in the Jr. Olympics in '06 and earned a Gold Medal in forms for Tae Kwon Do.

Career Highlights

SMITE Arena Mode

  • Original Designer/Creator of Arena Mode for SMITE
  • Leveled up to Senior Artist in just 3.5 years
  • Responsible for all tower objectives in SMITE, start-to-finish (as of July 2014)

My Mission

Create and master game art at the highest level. Eventually, be a respected and effective leader that delivers results and develops my team to higher levels. Beyond that, I aspire to create games that can catalyze positive energy, growth and inspiration in my viewers to make wholesome, productive decisions in their own lives.

Random Tidbits

I practice Wing Chun (style of kung fu) at a serious, private academy that teaches the way it was taught in the old days. I love metal/heavy music and go to a lot of shows. Music runs in the family, singing is my favorite thing to do during downtime. Also, a huge food snob, especially for Thai food, spicy ass curry is amazing.