Personal Work

Personal Scenes (Hanako: Honor & Blade)

Launch Trailer

All key environment art, shaders, shot staging, lighting, world building, sequence/level scripting done by me. Audio by Lawrence Lee. FX by Arthur Saffo. Hero skeleton scroll painting by Christian Buck, shader transformation by me.

Personal Material & Blueprint Work

Hanako Victory Cinematic - Made in Level Sequencer (UE4)

Note: Animations were done by Adam Kania; audio by Lawrence Lee. All UE4 configuration, compositing, editing, level sequencer configuration, destruction, FX by me.

Hanako Environment Master Material

Master Material used for the following use cases:

-Trim Sheets
- Architecture Modular Sets
- Props
- Dynamically Highlighted Objectives/Gameplay Meshes

- Basic PBR Setup w/ Expanded Options
- Grunge Layer
- Vertex Color Painted Grunge And/Or Tessellated Displacement
- Scalar or Texture-Based Metallic & Roughness
- Separate Tiling for Grunge Layer vs. Base Map Set

Hanako Character Viewer - UE4 Blueprinting w/ UMG

Tech Art/Prototyping Sample. Responsible for 100% of tech. I took our existing Skills/Ability table used for actual Gameplay to pull Data/Balance/Stats/Icons to populate fields dynamically and integrate to 3D Scene.

Hanako Host Game Screen - UE4 Blueprinting w/ UMG

First Pass Prototype of Host Game Screen for Lead Programmer to take over and integrate with Steam/Back-end. Responsible for rough stubbing of visuals in UMG and all Blueprinting.