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Maneater Shader Work (Tripwire Interactive)

Maneater’s Ocean Shader Features:

  • Overall Notes
    • Ocean shader had to work/be configurable for both above/below water.
    • Had to perform/scale for three different platform groups: Nintendo Switch/Low-end PC | Xbox One/PS4 | PS5/High-end PC.
    • Had to support both translucency with a seamless fade to opaque at distance for performance.
  • Coloration Features
    • Blood at surface when enemies are eaten.
    • Fresnel, depth, height and world mask (cheaper alt to distance field) color variations. Dynamically customizable by region. (Ex. can easily go from beautiful beach water to nasty polluted water to deep ocean color patterns with just a few settings).
    • Edge and height mask-based water foam.
    • SSR-based water reflections.
    • Tri-planar caustics built into the landscape shader.
    • Wet sand built into landscape shader.
  • Wave Features
    • Noise map-based general wave crest for deep ocean behavior.
    • World map-masked gerstner wave blend near beaches/coastlines.
    • Displacement of ocean geo based on shark fin movement/splashes using render targets.
    • Configurable refraction to re-use for “ocean roof”.
    • Dynamically customizable wave intensity per region.
  • Other
    • Underwater foliage had interactive movement/near camera fade scalable by platform.

Smite Tower Destruction (Hi-Rez Studios)

Towers were designed to be an efficient one-man pipeline that I owned. Modeling, texturing, rigging, re-purposing FX and implementation were all done by me.

Pipeline worked as follows: Modelling->Sculpting/Texturing->Rig Process (Rayfire Fracturing Mesh into parts -> Broken mesh drives dummies -> Physics drive Broken Mesh -> Dummies skinned to export mesh -> Attach sockets/FX -> Engine implementation (Animation, AnimTree, Notifies, Database Entry)

SMITE Scenes

SMITE Tower Objectives

SMITE Props/Sets