Late Night Words and Life Challenge

Since it’s late and I’m partially delirious here’s a nightly reflection and challenge for you lovely individuals that I’m grateful to share the universe with. I don’t intend to preach or condescend like I know something, just a hopefully inspiring, yet candid expression.
The only limits you have are the limits placed on yourself, not by society, the collective whole of conscious beings. Whether it’s common things like a fancy title, people saying you can’t do something or “you’re not in my league” or any of that non-sense, it certainly does not exist. Your mind is your only limit (outside of physics and science for you smart asses). What you deserve is solely determined by the effort and passion you’re willing to contribute to whatever you strive for. No male/female, crush, boss, friend, family member, asshole down the street or government can dictate to you what you deserve, what your value is and what your capabilities as a person are. It is our duty as sentient beings to overcome.

The catch to all of this, is one can’t simply say “I deserve this, so it’ll happen on its own.” The world owes you nothing, you have to take it assertively, with fiery intensity but also with the right balance of humility, graciousness and virtue because, a lot of the time, you will lean on your brothers and sisters, your lovers and your fellow humans to get to your next chapter and next plateau. Through hard work, dedication and compassion, what you wish to achieve will be done. Where there are no opportunities, do your absolute best to create them, and be okay with the fact that even then, the door still may not open.

Be okay with falling down and getting dirty. Be okay that dirty clothes make for stronger character, and embrace that the journey is as important as the destination. Use pain, adversity and discomfort to learn and grow, have no fear in doing so. We get one shot at this, and that shot could pass at any moment, so don’t just simply shoot for the middle and the status quo. I see the status quo as a whirlpool that usurps potential and leaves us settling for far less than we previously determined. We throw up our hands and say “Well that’s just how it’s going to be I guess,” but it’s your job to remind yourself that “This is not what I wanted, this is not acceptable, I might not know what to do, but it’s time to regroup and get back to chipping away at this wall regardless of how much chipping lies ahead.”

The counter-balance to all of this is it’s very easy to get an over-inflated sense of self and allow your ego to grow to levels that massively inhibit your ability to grow as a person, to develop your character at a higher level. People can’t simply be run over in your wake, because one day the ones that helped you may ask a favor in return. I feel like the people that say it’s lonely at the top, stepped on many heads on the way up and it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s as much room as you choose at the top of the mountain you created.

Sometimes circumstances make things seem impossible, and maybe sometimes it’s very close. But have hope and confidence in yourself, those around you that you trust and fight hard for what you want out of your life. Don’t settle, don’t ever settle, but be patient. You cannot always pick the ideal time for something to come to fruition, but stay a person of action. Stay loving, stay warm and stay human.

And dear lord don’t forget to laugh, just laugh for no damn reason and don’t care what anyone else thinks about it. If Internet Explorer has the balls to ask you to be your default browser, you can have the courage to pursue your biggest dream, ask out that super awesome woman/man, or travel the world, whatever it is, do it, together we can paint the drab walls of the tunnel on our way to the light at the end.

Good Night. Thank you for your time if you made it to the end.

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